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Acupressure & energy healing

25 years as a Certified Acupressure Massage therapist, specializing in 5-element theory and energy based healing.

intuitive counseling

12 Years experience in intuitive reading and counseling. Goes great with a side of Acupressure!

From the Kitchen

Flourless Chocolate Torte. Need I say more?


25 years of experience!

About Lynn

Some of the stuff I do...
I've always been Sensitive with a capital S, and have spent years making that my superpower.

As human beings with our great big brains, we tend to forge on through the world, treating our emotions and intuition as things that need to be fixed or discounted. You may find that your superpower depends on listening to your heart, honoring your emotions, finding your still small voice within.... Come play!

  • Certified Acupressure Massage Therapist
  • Intuitive Energy Practitioner
  • Teacher of Meditative and Intuitive development
  • Spiritual Counselor and State Licensed Minister

People Who do other good stuff

Links to my team
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Kate deLaGrange

Mentor, Teacher, Healer
Kate’s background is in Psychotherapy, Energy Healing and Intuitive work, Matrix Energetics, and is an advocate and activist in support of families who have been impacted by addiction.
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A Mom’s Place

Classes for kids & parents, mom support, playspace
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Bill Robinson

Computer Wizard
Fixer of things that plug in and turn on. Don’t forget to reboot.
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Psychic Horizons Center

Mystery School
Follow Your Own Path, tools and training to honor your intuition and spirit.